Aterra Wave Challenge Open & Surfski SM Helsingborg 8-9 july 2017

Start SS1 Saturday 14:00 Höganäs. Registration 9:30-11:00 at the club. Buss leave 11:15

Vault in Hanstholm Denmark
  • Program 8 july Surfski SM Aterra Wave Challenge

  • 9:30-11:00 registration
  • 11:15 Buss to start
  • 12:30 Skipper meeting
  • 14:00 Start Höganäs Kvickbadet
  • Finnish Helsingborg 15:15-16:30
  • 19:30 Dinner at Pub Ro (have to be booked, at cost price)

  • Program 9 july SS2 Mens, SS2 Mix and Youth 12-18.

  • 10:00 Registration
  • 11:00 Transport to start
  • 12:00 Starts all classes.
  • Youth 12-18 start at Fria Bad
  • SS1 Mens and Mix start Fria Bad or Arild
  • 11:00-14:00 Surfski demo and try out, Fria Bad

Northern winds. The race starts at Kvickbadet Höganäs, then we round the lighthouse "Svinabådan" and after that we aim for next mark the E4 buyo. The finnish line is in the beach in Helsingborg. The area have a nice promenade and there will be, if the weather is nice a lot of people welcomming you when you after 20 km paddling take the finnish line.

Southern winds. The race starts in Fria Bad beach in Helsingborg. The area have a nice promenade and there will be, if the weather is nice a lot of people see you start the race. After the start we aim for the E4 buyo and after that the lighthouse Svinabådan. After the lighthouse turn slightly right and go ahead to Höganäs harbour/marina. Aterra Wave Challenge welcome competitors and paddlers from all countries. The race is open for surfski.

Register office is at Helsingborgskanotisterna GRÖNINGEN NORRA 1 Helsingborg Sweden.

The race follow the coast around 1-2 km out in the sea. It goes from Höganäs to Helsingborg or the other way. Its about 20 km long and we have had winds for all six years we have arranged the competition. The sea we paddle in is named Öresund and its often full with waves from winds, other weather systems, stream and boats.

The course

  • 20 km downwind in open sea.
  • Start Höganäs or Helsingborg.
  • The finnish is in Fria Bad in Helsingborg or Kvickbadet Höganäs.
  • In case of WEST or EAST wind we will use the Skalderviken Course.

  • Surfski Wave Challenge Surfski SM



  • Race day A

    (First choice saturday, but the wind decide)
  • Surfski SM and Aterra Wave Challenge Open: SS1 Male, Female, U18** 19-20 km
  • Race Day B

  • Surfski SrM Open SS2 Male/Mix
  • Surfski Aterra Wave Challenge Open Youth* SS1 (Age 12-18) 3-9 km
  • SS1 and SS2/Youth is arranged 2 separate days, day A and B. SS2: Two classes Men and mixed (mixed man/woman or two woman).
  • *Youth race triangle course, 3-10 km, race will be splitted in age and sex classes. The surfski bransch and clubs will rent/loan out skis.
  • **NEW Class SS1 U18! Age 15-18. 19 km.


  • 50m behind the clubhouse is a big parking, also for campers and vans. Trailers park in front of clubhouse.


Buss to start

  • 11.15 Goes to Höganäs Kvickbadet.

Skippers meeting

  • 12.30 near the starting point


  • 14:00 in Höganäs Kvickbadet.
  • Startday 8 july. Day for SS1.

  • Direction, skippers meeting and aprox start time presents here friday latest 18.00

Starting Procedur

  • 30 min to start land flag on land up on beach. Long Signal 3-5 sec.
  • 5 min to start 2 flags up.
  • 2 min to start 1 flag up.
  • 1 min to start 1 flag in hand.
  • During this minute the start can go any time.
  • Start flag down + 3 sec. long signal.

Cellphone numbers to the safety boats

  • Boat 1 +46737181824 This boat will ensure the safety of the last competitors.
  • Boat 2 +46708631751 This boat will patrol the last 2/3 of the competitors.
Surfski SM start


Surfski SM


Surfski SM


Surfski Youth Course age 12-18

Youth Class


  • First person how cross the finnish line and have followed the track wins.

Navigation. You will pass following in order:

  • Höganäs Kvickbadet start
  • "Svinabådan" lighthouse out in the sea.
  • Hittarp/Laröd the last village before Helsingborg.
  • E4 boyo
  • Fria Bad Helsingborg city just before the black restaurant

  • GPS coordinates

  • Helsingborg start/finnish
    WGS84 56°3'10.4"N 12°40'57.7"E

  • Höganäs start/finnish
    WGS84 56°11'49.5"N 12°33'12.5"E

Safety equipment and rules:

  • PFD
  • Leg leash
  • Light Flare on your pfd
  • Fox 40 whistle or similar
  • You shall be dressed to manage at least 30 minutes in water.
  • Colorfull clothing on shirt and pfd, black is not alloud!
  • Cellphone. We recommend a telefon with buttons. You need also a smartphone for Webtracking.
  • Competitors must be able to re-enter from water.

    Spot-check, on demand you have to show officer that you can remount out in the sea. The safety officer on the boats or on land have the right to refuse your start.

  • Info webtracking:


  • Start Höganäs: When you arrive register, load your ski on a trailer and fasten it, a buss go to the start 11.15.
    Start Helsingborg: When you arrive register, put dry clothes in a bag and put the bag in one of the cars with trailer. You will find your clothing in the clubhouse.

Price money

  • None

After Race:

  • Buffé will be served in or outside Helsingborgskanotisterna. Depends on the weather. This is included in the fee.
  • Evening halaballo, we have booked place at Pub Ro a local pub 19.30 saturday evening. Register at registration!

Ride hard and good luck!


  • 8 july Surfski SM and Aterra Wave Challenge Open when the winds are best. SS2 and Youth class the other day.
  • After race buffe at Aterra Shop and price giving cerenomi