Surfski Capital of Scandinavia

Vault in Hanstholm Denmark

Surfski Capital of Scandinavia

Its a place, a place for surfski. The Capital is one of the windsafest places you can find in the summer. In the center of the Capital is Helsingborg often called "blåshålet" (the windy hole) and outside Helsingborg is Öresund. Öresund is the perfect playground for you who loves to paddle and surf surfski.

And its getting better, in center of Helsingborg you find Aterra Kayak Shop wich offers you surfskis from Carbonology Sport, REVO Kayaks, Nordic Kayaks. This is the place you go when you wanna buy or your surfski. But Aterra offer also rental skis so when you visit Surfski Capital you can rent a ski for a fun hard session out in the sea.

Surfski spots

  • Later in this project you will have the possibility to find information start and finnish point.

    Ride hard and have fun!